All Pro Tree Service

All Pro Tree Service

Tree Removal Service in New Hampshire

24/7 Emergency Service | 30 Years of Experience | Locally Owned


Maintain a safe and attractive landscape with All-Pro Tree Service in Chester, NH. We specialize in professional tree removal service New Hampshire and lot clearing and can handle any tree service you need. We care for a wide range of trees including maple, red oak, birch, cherry, and ash. If you have a tree on your property that’s damaged and posing a threat, contact us.

Emergency Cleanup Services

• Complete cleanup of property
• Removal of Fallen trees and limbs by truck
• Removal of Trees and large branches from power lines
•Trimming and Pruning of all necessary areas

Fallen Trees

Fallen or unhealthy trees can pose a serious threat to your property if not taken care of.
Our team has the training, skills, and knowledge to safely and efficiently remove any
trees from your property while preserving your beautiful landscape.

Lot Clearing
Over the past 30 years have provided reliable lot clearing services in Derry, NH and the surrounding areas. Our crew has the experience to take the stress and anxiety out of any job big or small. Contact us for a free consultation to recommend Tree Removal on your new lot or yard expansion. After removing the trees, we’ll grind the stumps and leave you with a beautiful lot to enjoy for years to come and that’s ready for your construction project.
Crane Services

New Hampshire is known for having huge and beautiful trees. However, they’re not as
attractive when their hanging or damaged limbs are dangling high above your home.
Our crane and aerial bucket trucks enable us to reach even the highest of trees and
safely trim, and remove trees and limbs that are potential hazards to your house and
power lines.